cat targets advertisers and marketing teams looking for fresh ideas to develop, implement and master their « live communication ».

As a small structure, each project is considered as a single opportunity to improve customer satisfaction.

Gabriela Künzli, CEO and polyglot marketing designer, gained a long-lasting experience

working with and for trend casting agencies.

Innovation, design and style are since 20 years here everyday item.

Communication in all its expressions is her playground.

Creativity and theories about the strengths of learning organizations belong to the core of here working methods.

4 spoken languages (German French, English, Italian) belong to the luggage’s.



cat realizes and produces communication on 360°:

Design and production: Booth, event and shows, exhibitions, print and on-line

CAT s’adresse aux annonceurs et services marketing qui souhaitent

un accompagnement « main dans la main » pour concevoir, implémenter

et maîtriser leurs projets de « Live Communication ».


Gabriela Künzli. polyglotte marketing designer, a forgé son expertise auprès

de spécialistes de la prospective tendance et innovation en BtoB.

La communication, dans tous les sens du terme, la passionne.

La créativité et les théories sur l’organisation apprenante (Learning organization)

sont au cœur de sa démarche.

4 langues (allemand, français, anglais et italien) font parties des bagages.